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If earwax blockage is significant, it may need to be removed professionally

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Ear Wax Removal

What is earwax?

Also known as cerumen, earwax is a naturally occurring substance which is made from dead skin cells, sweat, and oil gland secretions.

Earwax protects the ear canal from foreign bodies and environmental substances from entering deep into the ear, and acts as a protective coating for the ear canal.

Symptoms associated with earwax buildup:

  1. Fullness in the ear
  2. Ringing in the ear
  3. Earache or pain
  4. Decreased hearing

At HearCare, we offer cerumen removal services for all of our patients. We remove the wax here in the office, using two different methods. The method we choose depends on the patient's consistency of the earwax and location of the wax in their ear canal.

The two ways we remove earwax in the office:

1. Remove with a curette

Remove with a curette

2. Remove with irrigation

Remove with irrigation