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Custom hearing protection and earplugs

Including musicians' earplugs, swim molds, and more.


Earplugs & Hearing Protection

Custom Earmold Options

Custom Earplugs

Protecting your hearing is incredibly important for the future health of your ears. Here at HearCare, we provide hearing protection and custom earmolds for a variety of populations.

Musician’s Custom Earplugs

For musicians and concert goers, protecting your hearing while at the same time still hearing the music is very important. Custom Musician’s Earplugs protect your hearing from high decibel noise, while keeping music sounding crisp and clear.

Swimmer’s Custom Earplugs

For swimmers, getting water in the ears is often a common complaint. With Custom Swim Plugs, water is kept out of the ears, which reduces the risk of swimmer’s ear and infections.

Custom Hunter’s Earplugs

For hunters, protecting your hearing while at the same time hearing environmental sounds is very important. Custom Hunter’s earplugs suppress gunshot noises, while still allowing the ability to hear conversations and be aware of your surroundings.

Occupational Noise Protection Custom Earplugs

For those who are exposed to loud noise at work, Custom Noise Protection plugs protect your ears from harmful loud decibels, while still allowing for clear communication.

Custom Sleep Earplugs

For those who want to reduce sound while they sleep, custom sleep plugs reduce environmental sounds, such as snoring or household noises.