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Hearing aids make a big difference

We will help you pick the right ones.


Hearing Aids from HearCare

Choosing a Hearing Aid

At HearCare, we understand that choosing hearing aids is a big decision.

The good news is, you are not alone in this process. By working with an audiologist, you will be able to make an informed, educated decision on which hearing aids will work the best for your individual hearing loss and lifestyle.

Our patient's success with their hearing aids is incredibly important to us. We take the time to consider each individual patient's needs and preferences. We discuss all options, and then work together to develop the most effective treatment plan for each patient.

Styles of Hearing Aids

1. RIC (Reciever in the Canal)

  • RIC's are currently the most popular style of hearing aid
  • Features available in RIC's: rechargeability, hands-free Bluetooth connectivity to TV's and cellphones
  • They fit a large range of hearing losses
RIC Hearing Aid
RIC Hearing Aid in the Ear

2. BTE (Behind the Ear)

  • BTE hearing aids with an earmold are great for patients with a greater degree of hearing loss
  • Features available in BTE's: rechargeability, Bluetooth connectivity to TV’s and cellphones with use of accessories
BTE Hearing Aid
BTE Heairing Aid in ear

3. ITC (In the Canal) Full Shell

  • ITC hearing aids are great for patients with dexterity issues
  • This style is most appropriate for patients with a certain configuration and degree of hearing loss
ITC Hearing Aid
ITC Hearing Aid in the ear

4. ITC (In the Canal) Half Shell

  • Some patients prefer this style for cosmetic reasons
  • Most appropriate for a certain configuration and degree of hearing loss
ITC Half Shell Hearing Aid
ITC Half Shell Hearing Aid in the Ear

5. CIC (Completely in the Canal)

  • CIC hearing aids are the smallest hearing aids currently on the market
  • Some patients prefer this style for cosmetic reasons
CIC Hearing Aid
CIC Hearing Aid in the Ear

HearCare Personal Service Program

Our Personal Service Program means we don't just sell you a hearing aid, we give you the chance to hear better.

The program includes:

Professional Hearing Evaluations

A Doctor of Audiology will administer the appropriate hearing tests, explain your problem, and offer the best options for your specific hearing loss.

Regular Check-ups

To ensure you are receiving the full potential of your hearing aids, your follow-up visits are included of each hearing system for three years, We also recommend you see us every 6 months for regular check-ups and we're always available to answer your questions.

Our Guarantee*

If you are not satisfied, your money is refunded, less a professional fitting fee.

*Hearing aids cannot restore natural hearing. Success with hearing aids depends on a number of factors, including hearing loss severity and ability to adapt to amplifications.