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Professional Hearing Evaluations

A Doctor of Audiology will administer the appropriate hearing tests.


Hearing Tests & Procedures

Audiologic Evaluations

Comprehensive diagnostic audiologic evaluations provide a diagnosis of the type, degree, and configuration of the patients hearing loss. When a diagnosis is made, it allows us to discuss all options and develop a treatment plan that meets each patient's individual hearing needs.

Hearing Aid Evaluations

Hearing aid evaluations assess which hearing aids will best fit the patient's needs, and further allow an individual patient treatment plan to be made. It is decided with the patient and the audiologist the style, make, and model of which hearing aids will best benefit the patient.

Hearing Aid Fits

Hearing aid fits are conducted once a plan for amplification is decided upon with the patient and the audiologist. Hearing aids are selected, ordered, and then fit to the patients hearing loss. Once the hearing aids are programmed, the patient is instructed on how to use and care for the aids.

Real Ear Measurements

Real ear measurements provide a verification that the hearing aids are meeting gain targets for the patients hearing loss. The measurements confirm that the hearing aids are amplifying sounds to the accurate levels for the patient. Adjustments are made in hearing aid programming based off of these verification measures.

Hearing Aid Follow-Up Appointments

Hearing aid follow-up appointments are a very crucial part in the overall success of a patients hearing aid journey. Here at HearCare, we see our patients for a follow-up appointment 1-2 weeks after being fit with hearing aids. After this follow-up appointment, we see our patients back every 6 months for routine hearing aid check appointments. An unlimited amount of visits are included for the first 3 years in our hearing aid service package, in order to ensure that all of our patient's needs are met at all times.